Teams Channels: custom email addresses

Teams Channels are capable of receiving email as detailed in this post.


The screenshot above shows an email address for a Channel:

The email address assigned to a Channel does not belong to any domain that has been added to the Office 365 tenant.  The domain used is, where @location is where my Teams tenant is hosted (

The address starts with randomly generated text, followed by the Primary Domain of the Office 365 tenant.

Custom Email Addresses

It is not possible to add a custom email address to a Channel.

If you are looking to deliver mail to a Channel using an email address that belongs one of your domains, for example to use for inbound customer contact, the workaround is with email forwarding.

Here I create a Mail Contact using PowerShell, specifying the Channel address as the ExternalEmailAddress.

New-MailContact -Name "Teams Testing Forwarder" -ExternalEmailAddress ""

Channel FWD1

Now I need to assign an email address from my domain to the Mail Contact.  In Exchange Online this can only be done using PowerShell.

Set-MailContact -Identity "Teams Testing Forwarder" -EmailAddresses,

Channel FWD2

In the example above, I prefix the Channel email address (the ExternalEmailAddress) with SMTP: as this should be the Primary SMTP Address, followed with the email address I want to assign from my domain.

Verify the email address has been added.

Get-MailContact -Identity "Teams Testing Forwarder" | fl EmailAddresses,ExternalEmailAddress

Channel FWD4

Mail can now be sent to the Channel using the email address added to the Mail Contact.

Channel FWD5


This is a workaround, it does not stop someone emailing the Channel address directly if they know what the actual email address of the Channel is.








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