Poly(com): change to Microsoft Online device registration

Changed again…

Planned date #3: Wednesday 15th July 2020

Planned date #2: Wednesday 15th January 2020

Planned date #1: Monday 1st July 2019

Microsoft are revoking support for the existing Azure Application ID leveraged by third party device vendors, including Poly, and instead require a partner specific Application ID.

This change impacts you if you have one of the following deployments:

  • Skype for Business Online
  • Skype for Business On-premises Hybrid (with Modern Authentication)

And any of the following Poly devices:

  • RealPresence Group Series
  • Trio 8500 & 8800
  • VVX Series

There is no impact if you have a Skype for Business On-premises Hybrid (no Modern Authentication) or a Skype for Business On-premises standalone (no hybrid) deployment.

In preparation for the 15th July 2020 change, customers need to do the following.  Any future deployments likewise.

STEP 1: Tenant-wide Consent (do this first!)

A customer administrator (tenant administrator) must go to the URL below, sign-in if necessary, and accept permissions.

Poly Tenant-wide Consent Link

Permissions requested

STEP 2: Update Firmware

I’d suggest you go with the latest available firmware, the minimum required versions are:

RealPresence Group Series:

  • Link to Polycom Software Downloads.
  • Note you’re likely to need a version upgrade key for the Group Series.
    Link to Poly Obtain Software or System Option Keys.

Trio 8500 & 8800: 5.9.1AA

Link to 8500 Polycom Software Downloads.

Link to 8800 Polycom Software Downloads.

VVX Series handsets: 5.9.4

Link to VVX Polycom for SfB Deployments Software Downloads.


You’ll see a Polycom – Skype for Business Certified Phone Azure AD Enterprise Application registration. 

Application ID: a850aaae-d5a5-4e82-877c-ce54ff916282


If you have Azure AD P1 or P2 subscriptions, you can see user sign-ins against the Enterprise Application from the Activity > Sign-ins tab.


One comment

  1. If you don’t have Azure AD P1 or P2 subscriptions, you’ll get the following error when clicking sign-ins:

    Access denied
    You do not have access
    To see sign-in data, upgrade your organization’s subscription to include Azure AD P1 or P2.
    Your current license status: Azure AD Free


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