Ribbon SBC 1000/2000 Reinitialize ASM Error


I needed to Reinitialize the Application Service Module (ASM) in a Ribbon (Sonus) SBC 1000, but was faced with this error:

SbcComms version or status does not allow this action to be performed.


The SBC firmware was recently upgraded from to, and during which the ASM image was deleted from the ASM Recovery Partition, removing the ability to reinitialize the ASM.  Rolling back the firmware unfortunately didn’t help.

In this instance, I needed the Cloud Connector Edition 2.1.0 ASM image.

I downloaded the latest Cloud Connector Edition ASM image from Ribbon (it’s approx 18GB), prepared a USB key with the image, inserted it into one of the ASM Module USB ports, and then attempted to upload the image using Update ASM Recovery Partition.

After about 15 minutes, the task fails with “Timed out unpacking package”.  I tried this a few times, including with a different USB key, and it’s the same error each time. 

Failed to perform last user action ‘Update ASM Recovery Partition’.

Last Update ASM Recovery Partition step took 15 mins.

Additional information: Timed out unpacking package.



The Update ASM Recovery Partition task is never going to work.

I extracted the ASMimage.tar file from the downloaded .zip file, and copied it to the ASM Management Computer (C: partition).

To extract the .tar file, I installed WinRAR on the ASM Management Computer, and then extracted the .tar file to a new folder in the E:\home\partimag folder.  What you name the folder isn’t important, here I went with the following:



When the extract from the .tar file was complete, the Cloud Connector Edition ASM Image appeared, allowing me to Reinitialize.

Select Cloud Connector Edition 2.1.0 with SBC Comms 7.0.3b487 image, click Apply.


Click OK  to re-initialize the ASM.


Status updates…







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