Exchange Online PST Import: Azure Storage Explorer

This article covers how to review PST files that have been upload to the Azure blob.


  • Although the Azure AzCopy tool will give you an upload status report, it’s good to double check.
  • Verify the PST filenames (and subfolder paths if need be) are what you’re expecting.  The PST filenames (and subfolder paths) specified in the PST mapping file MUST match exactly what exists in the Azure blob, including case-sensitivity.


Download and install the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer tool from here.

Run Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.

You’ll be presented with the Connect to Azure Storage window.

Check Use a connection string or a shared access signature URI.  Click Next.


Check Use a SAS URI.

In the URI field, enter the URI.

Click Next.


Confirm details.  Click Connect.


You’ll see the ingestiondata container under Blob Containers.


To exit Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer, right click ingestiondata, then Detach.


Click Yes to confirm.



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