Skype for Business Online – Communications Credits


A Skype for Business Online User reports hearing the following announcement when placing a call to a UK 0844 telephone number.

“You are not set up to use this calling feature, please contact your admin.”

They are able to call UK Geographic & Mobiles Numbers successfully (they have Office 365 Enterprise E5 & Domestic Calling Plan licenses assigned to them).


0844 numbers are not included in the Domestic Calling Plan.

Telephone numbers starting with 0844 are Service Numbers charged at special rates, as they include a surcharge or service charge to pay for the service being provided (e.g. Conference Call Services, Event Ticket Booking lines).

From Microsoft PSTN Calling, calls to 0844 numbers are charged at 5.8p per minute, see the Communications Credit Rate Table.


Add Communications Credits to the Skype for Business Online User.


That’s all that needs done at a user level, however there needs to be positive Communications Credits in the Skype for Business Online Tenant.

If there is no credit, and the user has Communications Credits applied to their Skype for Business Online account, when placing a call to a UK 0844 telephone number they will hear the following announcement.

“The freephone number you have dialled is not in service at this time. Please check for an alternative number to reach your desired destination.”

Zero Communications Credit:


Positive Communications Credit:



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