Skype for Business Online – Admin Role


I needed to allow a user to manage Skype for Business Online without having to assign them the Global Admin role or User Management role.


Assign the user the Skype for Business administrator role.

From the Office 365 Admin Center, find the relevant user.  They will have the ‘User (no admin access)’ role assigned to them (unless they already have an admin role).  Click Edit.


Check Customized administrator.  Click Save.


Check Skype for Business administrator.  Click Save.


The Skype for Business administrator role has been successfully applied to the user.


Assigning this role will allow the user to perform the following tasks:

Set up Skype for Business
– Set up dial-in conferencing
– Set up PSTN Calling
– Transfer phone numbers to Skype for Business Online
– Enable Skype Meeting Broadcast

Configure Skype for Business
– Allow users to contact external Skype for Business users
– Let users add external contacts from Skype
– Choose who sees whether co-workers are online in the presence feature
– Turn on or off mobile notifications
– Create customised meeting invitations

View usage reports
– Activity Reports in the Office 365 Admin Center



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